Knobcon 2012 Vids

A little montage of some of the night’s performances by Caleb Condit, Low-Gain,Donald Crunk, and brownshoesonly(Nick Ciontea) on live video art. Before I get a million emails, brownshoesonly (Nick Ciontea) is using a custom LZX industries Visionary Modular. I didn’t get footage of Suit and Tie Guy because my camera doesn’t work when I go to bed early. Suit and Tie Guy did nourish my mind at his advanced sequencing workshop on Saturday though. Shot and Edited by Raul Pena.

I had the chance to see the Livewire Electronics, Chaos Computer in the flesh today at Knobcon 2012. It was truly an amazing device. A great device from Livewire Synthesizers, [the late] Mike Brown. Sound,Video, and tweaking by Raul Pena. Sorry for the shaky footage.

Also see the additional Knobcon pics that were added to this post.

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