KILO is the first full length release from DONALDCRUNK. Like its soviet era namesake, KILO is filled with imperfection – both intentional and non – and seeks to immerse, overwhelm and engender a slight feeling of desperation. Eurorack modular synthesizer, stringed instruments, drum machines and other sounds all layer upon one another in a race to see who will be the first cornerstone in the next wall of noise. Driving low fidelity rhythms and dense drones give way to the occasional yearning vocal melody, with structure that could sometimes be loosely defined as a “song”. With digital density and shoegaze sensibility, KILO seeks to operate freely against shipping in the littorals of sound.

DONALDCRUNK is the audio persona of Jason Degelman, an experimental/ambient artist. Media begets media, and the sounds of DONALDCRUNK are informed and outlined by the melancholy fatalism of crackling cold war era documentaries and the dusty pages of technical manuals, with a lifetime of midwestern emo songwriting binding the structures together. Unique processing techniques and a blend of electronic and acoustic instruments surge forward behind simple progressions, building relentlessly towards full-spectrum and releasing when the time is right.

released 08 August 2014

Via DonaldCrunk