“This is a digital dub of a 7 minute, 45 second 16 mm film produced in 1971 by the National Research Council of Canada, in Ottawa. It demonstrates not only one of the first ineractve computer systems for animation, one used for production, it was also an outstanding example of early user-centred design.

The system was developed by Marceli Wein and Nestor Burtnyk, both of whom won Academy Awards for this influential work. For some additional information, see also:

Burtnyk, N. & M. Wein, M. 1976. Interactive Skeleton Techniques for Enhancing Motion Dynamics in Key Frame Animation, Communications of the ACM, 19(10), 564-584 .”

Via the film starting at 6:45: “Music in this film was produced on the same interactive computer facility with the aide of a music package being developed at the same time.”

Via Matrixsynth