“Introducing Reason, version 6. The world’s favorite music making platform is about to get a whole lot bigger, better, and ready for any idea you throw at it.

With version 6 Reason reclaims the spotlight. Combining all the features from Record, version 6 adds audio recording and editing into Reason, along with Propellerhead’s acclaimed mixing console with masterfully modeled EQ and dynamics on every channel, multiple parallel racks, all the effects you know and love plus new ones to fall in love with, and much more of what you’ve always wanted in Reason.”

“Balance and Reason Essentials: the music production package that has everything you need to create anything you want.

Sounds as good as it looks. Works as great as it feels. We’ve taken care of all the tedious stuff — calibration, setup, the works. You can concentrate on having fun instead: making music. With two channels of pristine audio recording, and with inputs for all your gear, your instruments are always connected and you are always ready to record.

Balance is perfectly integrated with Reason and Reason Essentials. With Clip Safe you’ll never lose a good take to distortion again. Big Meter lets you tune your guitar and set the levels from across the room. Use it with our software, other pro audio apps, or even iTunes – Balance works with everything.

* This video features music by Olivia Broadfield. To download “Like Snow” free, head over to Olivia’s website at www.oliviabroadfield.com”

Via Matrixsynth and Propellerhead on YouTube.