04-07-11 | ImpOSCar 2

This does indeed seem to be the summer of sequels, as ImpOSCar 2 now joins the ranks and soundly puts to rest all the speculations about it being vaporware. ImpOSCar 2 seems to have slid completely in under the radar as I haven’t heard it announced on the regular channels, but instead from Ken MacBeth via Facebook. According to the GForce website, ImpOSCar 2 sells for 139€, or $202.

Please note, as per GForce:

“For initial release, impOSCar2 is MAC ONLY. The PC version will follow shortly.”

Thanks Ken!

For more info, see ImpOSCar 2 @ GForce Software

“ImpOSCar2 is the successor to our multi-award winning ImpOSCar software synthesizer. If you’re not familiar with the ImpOSCar then you’re in for a real treat. However, if you fell in love with it first time around, be prepared to fall in love all over again.

That’s because, while the original impOSCar was a component emulation of the rare and classic OSCar synthesizer with a few added bells and whistles, such as polyphony and on-board effects, impOSCar2 soars to new sonic heights via steroid injections of innovative features and enhancements, each designed around the wishes of those musicians, programmers and producers who loved the original.

Since the original impOSCar release we’ve carefully compiled user feedback and over the course of eighteen months, in another true labour of love, we’ve incorporated the best of these within impOSCar2 creating a synth that positively oozes more character, more playability, more expression and more detailed sound sculpting opportunities than could have been imagined a few years ago.”