Ikea Studio Desks

I just picked up these Ikea desks and chair. Not a bad solution for about $200. Sorry for the mess I haven’t really got around to fully setting up gear or doing any cable management. Now I just need to find a couple affordable 3 tier keyboard stands.

Via Bonkks

Desk top: Vika Amon 59″ x 31″ ($25)
Desk legs: Vika Moliden ($30 x 2)
Upper shelf: Ekby Amund 59″ x 11″ ($20)
Upper legs: Capita ($15)
Additional upper support brackets: Ekby Tore ($5 x 2)

Haven’t seen anyone mention the Tore brackets but they sure do give some great additional support for a top shelf without taking away the ability to slide a keyboard back underneath it. A note on them, however, is that they don’t come with screws to mount them, so make sure to pick some up.

Via mistermarvel

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