It’s been a while! I’ve been through some ups and downs the last couple years and I can say I’m finally in a good place now and it’s time to take care of this website! I’ve been getting a few emails from the host saying that everything is out of date and boy is it!

I’m sad to say, CMG is going to go away.. It left a while ago, but now it’s time to make it official as part of the broad sweeping changes I’m making and taking towards moving on with my life.

Given than, I will be focusing more on me, my music and my art now. The forum will still be around and so will I, but the URL will be changing to which has been my personal, net label, home page, place holder for quite a while. You will be able to find me and my content over there and yes, that means I’m still blogging, but it’s going to be on things that I own and use personally along with my music and other stuff finding the best recommended turntable, I’m even thinking on getting a new mic from a Music Critic condenser mic guide I found online.

It’s been fun, but it’s not really like I ever left! I still know most of you on the ‘net, in one form or another!

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