We taught you how to get your foot into the clubs and rock them but there’s still a good chance most DJs will spend the majority of their time in a home, bedroom or studio. It’s expected that most of you have invested a lot of your hard-earned cash in the latest and greatest DJ gear, so you probably dont have much left to spend on a fancy DJ booth. Fortunatly, we have you covered. Today I am going to walk you through a fantastic design for a home DJ booth that rivals most clubs but is suprisignly affordable- all using readilly available IKEA parts. It can cost anywhere from $125-$250 for a fully souped up model.

Ahhh don’t we just love Ikea hacking? This one via Resofactor over @ FB. There’s a lengthy post on DJ TechTools that shows you how to create a variety of DJ stands from several Ikea shelf and bookshelf combos as well as various speaker mount ideas. It’s certainly worth a look for the sheer creativity and no doubt you synth folks can pick up a tip or two. Be sure to check out the info regarding ergonommics. There’s also a lengthy forum thread here (at DJ TEchTools) that also explores the topic in more depth.