Well, it had to happen eventually, in England anyway. Sooner or later, the sad relazation that dubstep is perhaps a bit played out and will make it onto the shores of this great country too and will no doubt begin appearing in ads for children as well.

It had to happen, it’s a fact of life, most fads don’t last more than 4 or 6 years or so; the time which is roughly equal to the one spends in either high school or college. Once a hip youngster finally moves on to towards a more domestic or mature life, the detritus of their previous one falls to the floor where bottom feeders scoop it up and regurgitate it to feed their young with. I’m sure you no doubt recall (I know I do) the facepalm worthy Saturday afternoon cereal commercials of the mid 90’s that had all manner of kids swooping down on wires (a mission impossible reference) or running on the walls, matrix style, to beat their siblings to the last bit of sugary goodness left in the box.

Well, to all you hip kids and gals, you just got told! How does it feel to be old?!?! It’s not really so bad, pull up a lawn chair some time and I’ll show you some really neat bicep exercises that will get your old man fist shake into shape in no time!

Via Synthtopia