01-01-11 | Happy New Year!

from all of us here at Computer Music Guide!

I want to wish you all well in the new year and also ask you for some feed back about what you’d like to see from us in the coming year.

Since we’ve been up almost a full year now, we can also do a little bit of self review and ask you the reader what you think it will take to make this website a success. My goal with this website was to create a informational and user driven site which focuses on learning and practical information rather than theory and current trends.

I admit, I do this in my spare time between perusing a masters degree, my day job and my family. I’ve managed to come up with articles and relevant news items pretty well on my own so far and judging by my website stats, I can say I’ve had a good bit of success with it.

But for the other half of my mission, which is to build a user community, I’ve been failing. So far I’ve gotten a couple comments on some of my articles and suggestions for future articles, but that’s about it. The advantage that I feel this website has, as compared to other ones, is that I’m quite knowledgeable about the topics at hand and I’m also available as a resource for you. I say that because the focus of the website is on learning, not advertisements or just being another web community. I want to help you learn, but to that end, I need to know what you expect from me and this website.

I know you’re out there! I can see your searches on the website, what topics are the most popular and all sorts of good stuff. But I need to know what it’s going to take from me to get you join up and start posting in the comments and forum. So here’s your chance! Right here on this post or in the forums, let me know what topics you want me to cover: DAWs, VSTis, VAs, RAs, whatever! If I can’t answer your question, I know someone who can, including several people at various levels in the music industry. Also, let me know what you like about the site, what you don’t and anything you think will make this site a better place in 2011!

I know we can do it and we can do it together. So here’s to the new year and friends both new and old!