“Built in Denmark by Gotharman. Uses original Yamaha IG00156 filter chips removed from old CS80,CS60 and I think also CS50 synths.

This CS 80 filter module has 2 cv modulation jacks & LP,HP, band pass. Res & cutoff controls demo using the Non-Linear Circuits synth (just the 1st VCO).”

Be warned! The audio on the video is a bit harsh.

This is the number one thing I think like about the Euro format modular craze: the ability to get so many different flavors of modules into one space. But! Especially being able to incorporate technologies that either weren’t previously available or able to be in corporate into a modular environment is a big part of that I think. I really enjoy knowing that out there somewhere that synths beyond repair or NOS parts may make their way into a modular and find new life.

Also, speaking of CS styled modules, it’s been rumored for a while now that that Tip Top Audio has some sort of CS 80 clone in the works! Wouldn’t that be something?

For more information: http://www.gotharman.dk/index.htm

Via Matrixsnth