06-11-14 | GForce – Oddity 2

GForce has announced Oddity2, a major update to their modeled version of the classic ARP Odyssey synthesizer, manufactured between 1972 and 1981.

According to GForce, Oddity2 “transports the spirit of the original into a new dimension.”

New In Oddity2:

  • While the duophonic and monophonic modes have been retained, Oddity2 now also offers a monophonic legato mode which wasn’t evident on the Odyssey, plus a polyphonic mode.
  • Furthermore, via three filter modes and an additional oscillator, Oddity2 can sound as versatile and punchy as its main rival back in the day.
  • In order to overcome the original instrument’s limitation of a single LFO, GForce has added the ability to apply an additional LFO and ADSR to almost any of the main Oddity2 sliders, which gives the instrument new sound design options.
  • Additional improvements over its predecessor include an on-board delay, spread or random pan modes, patch morphing via beats or seconds, program change recognition and implementation of the two octave transpose switch for dynamic real-time performances.

Oddity2 will be available Dec 1st, and can be preorded now. See the Gforce site for details.

Via Synthtopia