I know this one was already posted, but I wanted to bump it to the top to empathize a few things. One of the things I admire about Gary is the way he can prioritize. Quite typical of the internet in general, there is a tendency for people to get philosophical rather than practical about a given topic.

Here is a man who makes a living, night and day, doing what most of us dream about. Listen to how he talks about using a Roland D-550 to recreate Poly Moog sounds, using ADAT and just about everything he says about the way he has to prioritize what he needs to do. Also take notice of his gear; I think I saw a Behringer line mixer in one rack.

My point is Gary knows how to get things done and what is important. The kicker is he isn’t a mega bucks superstar either, but he’s doing it and he knows that’s more important than worrying about the small stuff.

Via Matrixsynth