Advice w/ 2.5mm to MIDI

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Advice w/ 2.5mm to MIDI

Postby MetroSonus » Wed Jul 31, 2019 2:39 am


The uno ship has landed and it's fricking amazing and my dining room table looks like a clusterchord f bomb. I love this thing really.. it really satiates the need for all of those old school chip synths. I wouldn't mind having them again, but this is just as tasty as well..

Anyway, it, including the beatstep, use the 2.5mm to midi. I bought the uno used from GC and it came pretty nude, aside from a enough bubble wrap to make a dress that lady gaga would be proud of.

So.... My question is.. can I just get a 2.5mm male male mono cable and go from the MIDI out of the beatstep to the midi in on the uno or do I need to buy a second 2.5mm to DIN adapter? I think just buying a single cable would be a huge time saver.
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Re: Advice w/ 2.5mm to MIDI

Postby soundwave106 » Wed Jul 31, 2019 11:52 am

It should be a TRS (stereo) cable I believe.

With that in mind, the answer is probably yes.

However, until recently there were two competing standards for this. In 2018 everything solidified into one standard, so if it's after that you should be okay.

Worst case scenario, with different standards, you can re-wire and re-solder a custom 2.5" TRS cable. MIDI data only uses two pins plus a shield pin in effect for data transmission (the other two pins in MIDI can be used to supply power). So the competing standards were basically deciding which pin was tip and which pin was ring. If the two instruments have different standards, you should be able to solder a custom TRS cable that swaps ring and tip and also be okay.
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