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Re: Direct guitar sound

Postby selfinflikted » Mon May 19, 2014 7:46 pm

christianrock wrote:Alright. I'll try :)

I already read reviews that told me why I will be annoyed with it. Like having a sound gap when changing patches. I hate that... that's why I think it'll work on acoustic, set one patch and leave it the whole time :)

Prolly so, and like you said, you'll probably only need light effects anyway - nothing real heavy. Should be just fine ;)
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Re: Direct guitar sound

Postby christianrock » Wed Dec 09, 2015 3:30 pm

I never really updated this thread, have I? :lol:

That Boss ME-70 was horrendous. It wasn't too bad when you played by yourself - other than being completely uninspiring, the sound was... passable. But once you played in a group, the thin, buzzy, muddy, crappy sound got completely lost in the mix - unless you cranked it up, in which case it sounded like a loud sonic turd. So I ended up selling it.

And for the last year or so, I've been playing this 30 dollar wonder:


Seriously, best thing since sliced bread. I get directly to the PA and it sounds great. Blends really well with other instruments (it's completely analog). Takes pedals like a champ. So I pair it with this for light overdrive:

(Supposedly the copy of the O.C.D. Pedal, but much bassier/grittier/more gain. I use the gain at about the minimum and that's all I need and it's the sweet spot)

And this for MOAR overdrive

(I changed the tube in it for a vintage Phillips tube which gives it about half the original gain, and a MUCH MUCH better sound)

And the secret weapon that glues it all together is this

I use it almost as a reverb, with just some light delay that really fills up the sound more than it is actually heard.

I have other pedals but those are the main ones.

However we changed churches a couple months ago and I'm not playing for the time being...
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