hey purity..

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hey purity..

Postby MetroSonus » Mon Apr 11, 2011 5:31 pm

I'm sure you haven't seen this..


But I know the players on your channels don't work over here.. have you used them? are the real time, or updated quickly? is there anything good on them?

usually i just download what i want to watch..but i thought if i could use the player I could skip the downloads..
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Re: hey purity..

Postby Purity_Control » Mon Apr 11, 2011 6:15 pm

The only playery thingy I use from time to time is the BBC iplayer, can be a bit cranky at times for streaming, updated usually as soon as the show has finished on terrestrial (you call that something else and the word usually makes americans laugh :lol: basically anything you don;t need satellite or cable for that comes from a ground based antenna)

Most of the telly here seems to be soaps, police/fire/ambulance dramas and reality tv, as I don;t own a telly i'm prob. not the best person to ask, I don;t go out of my way to watch much besides DW/TW/SJA and Being Human.

I catch a bit when I'm at my neighbours, esp. Sunday night stuff, so I'd say that if you can find Brian Cox:Secrets of the Universe (BBC 1?2?) that's worth a look, if only to see physicist and former keyboard player with D:Ream explain how the universe works while travelling to as many exotic locations as possible and rambling on like a Mancunian who's had too many E's and thinks he's found a magic pie shop.

Try Top Gear (BBC 2). I don;t like cars or Jeremy Clarkson but there is something strangely compelling about the show. Like watching a car crash. Or do you know that one already? We might have mentioned it?

Have I Got News For You (BBC HD) is usually entertaining too, a satire show on news/current affairs, may make no sense to you whatsoever.

having a skip through that link, I can;t actually see anything on any of the ITV channels i'd bother with, it's all very very commercial, channel 4 come up with something a bit more curious and transgressive once in a while but not at the moment.

there's not really much i'd fuss over that you don;t know about already. if you're going to browse, i'd say focus your efforts on BBCiplayer, for whatever weird creature the BBC itself has mutated into in this age, it does still deserve a lot of its rep for stuff that isn;t totally lowest common denominator.

you could try a proxy server... I could never get that to work for US stuff but maybe you will manage.
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