The Erica Synths Fusion series – a new collection of vacuum tube synthesis modules – are now available for Eurorack synthesizers.

Erica Fusion series consist of whole range of modules used in sound generation and shaping circuit – pure sine VCO with unique tube waveshaper (will be available mid-January 2015), VCO signal Mixer, Ringmodulator, VCF, VCA and Analogue Delay/Chorus. The first two modules are an Analogue Delay/Chorus module and a VCF.

The Analogue Delay/Chorus module uses classical BBD chip and is capable of wide range of FXes.

It’s available now for €290.00 at the Erica Synths site.

The Erica Fusion VCF is built around classical T bandpass filter topology with a tube working simultaneously as a preamplifier and filter feedback driver. As result you get a VCF with wide range of sonic possibilities from warm, juicy sound to extreme, distorted and self-resonating screams. With resonance fully CW you get sinewave tube VCO (not 1V/oct).

The Fusion VCF is available now for €280.00 at the Erica Synths site.

Erica Synths says that their Fusion VCA, VCO signal Mixer and Ringmodulator vacuum tube synth modules are ‘coming soon’.

Via Synthtopia