I learned today, much to my surprise, that Elisabeth Sladen passed away this morning from cancer. I really don’t think any news of this sort has affected me so deeply.

Of course, if it wasn’t for Doctor Who and the work done by the Radio Phonic Laboratory, I doubt that the great majority of us wouldn’t have been inspired to experiment and investigate all of the wondrous devices that buzz and beep that we hold so dear. And just as Doctor Who wouldn’t seem the same without all those noises, Doctor Who just doesn’t feel the same without Sarah.

Wired Magazine published an interview with Elisabeth Sladen back in 2008 and in retrospect, it seems a fitting tribute. In reading it, you can easily see the charm and charisma she brought to the character of Sarah Jane.

Doctor Who, along with cats, seems to one of the more common denominators amongst us synth folk. Perhaps it’s the combination of great story telling and ground breaking sound work that gives it a special place in our hearts. Now matter what the reason though, both have deep legacies that seem to strike a chord with many people.

While we will miss Elisabeth and Sarah, as yet another door to the past closes, let’s remember her fondly as I offer these few videos that celebrate both of our legacies.