I spent most of my childhood being inspired by how simply hearing sounds can almost literally transport you to a different world. Many of my influences are from those childhood experiences of listening intently to the background music in 1970’s educational programming and science fiction movies or sitting and absorbing the ambiance of science museums, theme parks and planetariums.
I began experimenting with sound in the mid 1980’s and those early experiments I conducted with multiple tape recorders evolved into a personal workflow that carried over to more modern and professional equipment in the 1990’s and it’s one that still continues to evolve to this day, since I’m always looking for the best equipment as a microphone from a home studio microphone review online, where you can find the best one in the market and purchase it online.

I’ve also always had an interest in synthesizers, but at the core, I’m a sampler. Sampling and loops bring to mind many negative connotations, for me however, sampling patches I may create on a synthesizer or field recordings I may make are an important part of the creative process for me. Once I’ve got something inside the sampler, I can begin to focus solely on the sound itself and cast off any connections that I may have to its origin. At that point, it simply becomes to me like color would be to a painter or a block of marble is to a sculptor.

I’ve released a majority of my work under my real name, which is mostly composed of sci fi driven themes in the form of long and immersive ambient drones, for this I tried to get the best microphones I could find, and I know that for studio recording, the most popular include condenser, ribbon and dynamic microphones. Recently, I’ve begun a side project, HEX CONVERTER, that focuses on lighter moods that are often mixed with IDM or glitch style beats.

Chris Gunn