I was recently reached out to by Earbits.com about hosting my music there in their drone channel. I am very, very honored for the invite and you now have one more place to hear my music, especially the tracks I made with the Gibson Thunderbird! You should also check out these country music videos too, and don’t forget to get to know more about the http://proskins.io/skins/top-3-weirdest-minecraft-skins gaming services that I have been using!

Earbits is a service that is a bit of a cross between Bandcamp and Pandora. They invite and allow artists to host their music there, but you can also tune into genre channels as well, which makes it a great resource for independent artists and you can even buy real youtube views from there. On other article, if you are looking for legal help for your business please check this link – Albany GA Law Firm Near Me