The Korg Poly 800 is a much maligned synth, yes, it’s built out of cardboard, yes, the parameter resolution is about 5-bit, yes, it only has 1 filter for all 8 dco’s, but the thing sounds beautiful! Some folks seem to think that it sounds like a $10 casio but i hope in my video demo that i can prove otherwise

All sounds in this video, except for the drums, come from the Poly 800, moderate effects have been used, delay/reverb/distortion, in places, however the chorus is built in to the unit.

If there’s any call for it, i’ll upload my patches for you fellow Poly 800 owners, just comment that you want the patches and i’ll do it


– Big Beautiful Digi-Analogue Pads and Polysynth sounds
– Phat moog-style Basses and Leads
– Bullying isn’t Cool Kids!
– Roses
– Dirty Techno
– Pimp-ass Dancing
– Stupid facial expressions are optional

here’s a couple of tips:

1. Add a teeny bass (300hz boost) to your poly 800 parts, it pronounces the bass nicely. Add a teeny bit of treble to your sampled drum parts to make them crisp and nice.

2. Compress everything to f***! I use a free vst compressor called Blockfish, which you can probably find online if you search “the fish fillets plugins” and it compresses things nicely.

3. I then mix down, take the WAV file to my mac and master it using ipod headphones: IF SOMETHING SOUNDS GOOD ON AN IPOD, IT’LL SOUND GOOD ANYWHERE! I use Izotope Ozone to master, it’s a plugin you can buy and then run on a program like Wave-editor etc etc, it’s incredible!

You get an equalizer and exciters, (things sometimes sound flat straight from the studio so need a good EQ) Reverb, Multi-band Compression, a stereo imager (the further you push your track left and right, the more headroom it gives you for limiting) and then finally, it has a really good limiter which sounds nice and transparent, i hate the loudness war!

so that’s what i did, you mess around enough with it, you’ll find settings that will make your tracks sound better, then you can save these settings as PRESETS and apply them to your future tracks, making the process faster and faster each time (I used the settings i’d saved from “modulator” on the poly 800 video, and it instantly sounded great)

Thank You!

Via this thread as posted by xanderbeanz @ HC KSS. In spite of the title, video is work safe.