The latest in Alex Juno’s Dem Jamz series, each of which explores the sonic possibilities of a different synthesizer, features the Use Audio Plugiator.

A small DSP synth, the Plugiator features high quality emulations of vintage synths such as the Minimoog, Arp Odyssey, Prophet 5 and some unique wavetable and FM synthesis options. All synth sounds come from the Plugiator, with a little post processing, drums and guitar added to fill out the sound.

“Because this box offers such a variety of synthesis engines,” notes Juno, “you can do a lot with it!”

Songs featured in the video include:

  • Leipzig (Thomas Dolby cover)
  • Off Your Face
  • Don’t Blow It! (feat. Johnny Normal)

Previous videos in the Dem Jamz series have explored the Yamaha DX7, the Korg Poly 800, the Korg Mono/Poly and the Roland MT32. Check out Juno’s YouTube channel for more in the series.

Via Synthtopia