Hey guys, it’s me again with another update!

For the past year or two I’ve been trying to find a good way to merge the blogged content with original content on the front page of the website. Every solution I came up with just felt like I was cramming way too much onto the main page and it felt like I was trading one eye sore for another. So what I did was to sit down and really think over what I wanted out of the site and how best to translate that into a functional website.

And here is what I came up with:

The font page is now for showcasing original content and will no longer host the blog. It features a really cool and minimal slider that will be updated with reviews, how to’s, tutorials and stuff like that. This can be accessed through the site’s url:


The blog has now been moved off of the front page and can be accessed at the URL below. So if you’ve been viewing it through a bookmark in your browser, you’ll need to update to the new address. And for those of you reading this via our RSS, twitter or facebook, the move won’t have an affect on you. Also, anything that gets posted to the front page will also get posted to the blog, so don’t worry about missing anything. If you still just want to read the blog, you’re going to have the same content come through regardless, so no worries :)


So yes, the blog is still there and I know it’s an extra step, but please keep in mind it can at times be a housekeeping nightmare trying to organize all of the content into something that’s easy to read and navigate. It’s part of my vision in trying to move the site into being a resource and one of the corner stones for our online community.

And in keeping in line with that, I want to let you all know that I am open to submissions for articles, reviews and nearly any kind of contribution you would like to make to the site. So if you’ve done some music, filmed a studio tour, did a write up of your last gig, send it in! It will get posted both on the blog and the front page as a contribution to the site.

Anyway, I guess this counts as spring cleaning and here’s to a killer 2013!