Materials: 2 Fabian wall shelves; 1″x4″x6′ and 1″x3″x6′ pine strips; woodscrews

Description: I wanted a nice stand for my Yamaha 88-key electronic piano. Commercial ones are expensive at around $150. So I built one for about $26, using two inexpensive $6.99 Fabian wall shelves from IKEA as the basis for the design.

The pictures show the construction. The two Fabian shelves become the vertical sides of the piano stand. The two pine strips (I used Claymark Select Pine strips from Home Depot to minimize additional work) were cut to the proper length for my keyboard (49.75 inches).

The pine strips space the Fabian shelves apart at the proper distance so that the keyboard can sit on the top ends of the Fabian shelves.

The Fabian shelves each come with two nicely silver-finished right-angle metal brackets. These are intended to hang the shelf from the wall. But as you can see in the photos, I used these brackets to square up and stiffen the piano stand instead. They do the job perfectly, and make a nice light, strong structure.

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My wife had a Besta sliding storage unit that she was using for her crafts drawer. Long story short… we are having our first child and things in the house had to change and transform into something a bit more space conscious.

So that leads me to the hack. Like I said we had the Besta storage unit already so I had to measure up from that to get the ideal height for the turntables, it worked out that legs just under 4″ would work well with a 1″ (roughly) desk top.

Every table top seemed to be too large in either one direction or the other until I ran across the Micke desk. The first thing I noticed and loved about this desk was that it had a hole directly in the center of the table where cords could be directed (for turntables this is a huge bonus). Now all I needed was a way to prop it up to the right height. Most of the legs that IKEA sell wouldn’t just screw in to the bottom – so I had to find a set that had a flat piece to screw directly into the bottom of the table top. I ran across the Utby legs in the warehouse section (I did not see these in the showroom). They ended up working perfectly! Also when I picked up the desk from the warehouse they had it on sale for only $40!

I screwed the legs directly into the bottom of the table top at 3 inches from the fronts and backs and 6 1/2″ in from the sides. This gave it the appearance of “floating” while still remaining very sturdy.

I’d say it’s a wicked setup for turntables if you are a scratch DJ like myself and have your decks turned 90 degrees. The only draw back to this hack is that there is A LOT of waste. I feel bad just throwing the remaining desk parts away so I will most likely store them and figure out another hack to use these parts. (That desk top was just too perfect and only $40!)

~ Sean Herman, Denver, Colorado

Via Ikeahackers

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