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There are digital pianos that are meant to be tucked away in classrooms or practice studios, and there are digital pianos that are meant for the stage. The Casio Privia Pro PX-5S digital stage piano is the latter: this ultra-portable 88-key piano packs a plethora of performance features into a slim, lightweight design that is not only practical, but aesthetically pleasing. And with 88 spring-less hammer-action keys, top-notch on-board sounds and effects, sound editing tools, and deep MIDI controller functionality, the PX-5S is a versatile, expressive instrument ideal for gigging musicians. There’s even a USB port that lets you record 44.1 kHz WAV audio directly to a thumb drive.

Multi-Dimensional Sounds

Light in weight, but heavy on sounds, the Privia Pro PX-5S will rock the stage with its collection of vintage keyboards, acoustic pianos, and synths. Realistic, detailed, expressive grand piano sounds are driven by Casio’s proprietary AiR Sound Source technology, which has been expanded for the PX-5S with 256 notes of polyphony to provide improved dependability and control over other instrument tones and effects. Although the Priva Pro grand piano sounds are awesome, you won’t be limited to just those on the PX-5S — you can tap in to gritty electric piano, classic harpsichord, and funky clav sounds, some of which feature release samples, amplifier, and speaker simulations for greater believability. Powerful Hex Layer tones complete with real-time filters add extra dimension to the sounds.

Tons of Built-In Effects

You can sweeten your tone even further with the Privia Pro PX-5S’s system effects (reverb, chorus, delay, string and damper resonance), master effects (4-band EQ and compressor), and insert effects (limiter, enhancer, early reflection, phaser, chorus, flanger, tremolo, auto pan, rotary, drive rotary, LFO wah, auto wah, distortion with amp simulator, pitch shifter, multi chorus, ring mod, delay, and more).

Hands-On Control and iPad Compatibility

You can tell just by looking at the Casio Privia Pro PX-55 that it’s meant to be easy to use for the live performer, with its buttons, 4 knobs, 6 sliders, and pitch and mod wheels all in black, on a white background. These hands-on controllers (plus two footswitch controllers) can control your PX-5S’s internal sounds, effects parameters, or send continuous control data to other gear. Split your PX-5S’s 88-key keyboard into up to 4 zones, any of which can control an internal tone, an external MIDI device, or both. Speaking of external MIDI devices, if you’re playing software synths on an iPad, there’s even a textured rubbery surface on the right side of the PX-5S’s top panel that can hold your iPad during a show!

Phrase Sequencer and Arpeggiator

The PX-5S is loaded with an 8-track phrase sequencer with 100 phrases built in, and room for 900 of your own. There’s also a powerful, fully programmable 16-step arpeggiator that can trigger parameter changes like filter sweeps in addition to triggering notes.

Portable and lightweight, Casio’s PX-5S weighs just 24 pounds, ensuring that getting the piano on stage is as easy as playing it.


– Digital stage piano with 88-note Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II Keyboard
– Vintage electric piano, grand piano, and synth sounds provide tonal versatility
– AiR Sound Source technology delivers realistic, detailed piano sounds
– 256-Note polyphony
– 4-Zone master controller offers 4 knobs and 6 sliders for controlling internal sounds, effects, and more
– Additional control provided by pitch and modwheel and 2 pedal inputs
– 4 Programmable 16-step arpeggiators included
– Phrase sequencer good for 8 tracks and up to 1,000 phrases
– System, insert, and master effects let you customize your sounds
– Independent USB and MIDI I/O
– Lightweight (24 lbs.) build makes it easy to transport and set up

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