Bitwig Studio Update

Bitwig Studio Update

Bitwig Studio is a new performance-oriented DAW, created by some of the original developers of Ableton Live.

Wilms gave us a quick tour of Bitwig Studio, which is currently in beta testing. While Bitwig Studio features some concepts that will be familiar to users of Ableton Live, it offers many unique features, too. These include:

  • a streamlined user interface
  • multi-screen support
  • an Arranger Clip Launcher
  • 64-bit support
  • multi-document support and
  • an open API for programming controller support.

In addition to the features discussed in the video, Bitwig Studio has many ‘under the hood’ features that could prove to be very interesting:

  • They aren’t coding three different versions of Bitwig. instead, they created a new audio programming platform that runs on Linux, Mac & Windows, and are programming it once, to run on all three platforms.
  • All devices are modular. In version 1, this will mean that you can embed one device in another. in version 2, though, you will be able to edit any device or create your own devices.
  • It’s designed to be a multi-user, networked platform. This will allow things like multiple users jamming in one document, or collaborations over the Internet.

The release date for Bitwig Studio is set for Summer 2013.

Via Synthtopia

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