Here’s a short demo song that will let you get a good look at the interface of Bitwig Studio. The one good thing here I’m seeing is a piano roll where you can see all of your tracks at once. And then on the other hand though, it looks like for the most part, it just takes the main elements of Live and moves them around a bit and then tacks on some stuff that’s reminiscent of Fl Studio and some old trakker programs.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m quite happy with Live and that it seems to retain much of the same elements within Bitwig, but it’s also much less visually intense. Of course Bitwig Studio has managed to raise a bit of a controversy as it’s a company formed by former Ableton employees.

How do you feel about Bitwig? Do you use Live or have any plans of switching to Bitwig from your current DAW?

Via Synthtopia