Well, here they are, Behringer’s new CDM modular line of DJ controllers!

While I certainly think they sound really cool in concept there’s a few negatives I see in the video already. First, they’re a bit bigger than I thought. That’s not that big of a deal, but something smaller and more portable would have bit more welcome. Secondly, that connector on the bottom didn’t look too stable. From the video, it looks like if this thing were to get some real road use, you could potentially break them by having one of the units bend too far. Of course, you could come up with your own mini coffin to increase the portability while reducing the setup time and that would also cure my next gripe. Thirdly, the MM1 (mixer) unit has a built in MIDI hub. Yea that’s cool, but what isn’t is that each module in the series has to be connected through it when I assumed that “interlocking” meant that they’d have some sort of clip with a USB connection built in on the side. This to me, just results in more cable mess and more to keep track of when you’re out playing live. But again, you could knock up a plywood coffin with some space in the back and that would take care of my major gripes.

My big IF at this point is with the clip controller module, since I’m a Live user. In one of the videos @ Behringer’s site, they mentioned that Behringer hasn’t picked a DAW partner yet. Since we all know that Live uses an encrypted handshake that’s controller specific, who knows if clip feedback is going to work. But it does ship with Live Lite Behringer edition, so who knows. But that also ships with a lot of their other products too, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Aside from the negatives though, there’s a ton of controls built into a small package. I really hope the support comes through as I can imagine these being very useful.

Be sure to check out Behringer’s site for other info and more videos.

Via Behringer