Antarctica’ is the second multivisionshow of german photographer Achim Koepf presented on Trierenberg Super Curcuit in November 2012 (see “Iceland Art”). It is a pure synthesizer-soundtrack again. Casio VZ10M/MT-600, Kawai K1II/K5m/MP9000, Korg M3R/TR-Rack/Symphony/Kaossilator/microKORG, Roland JD990, Yamaha SY99/TG33, Zoom ST-224 were used. Analogs: Roland Juno60/JX-3P. Sequencing: QuestII Texture on Commodore AMIGA, DAW: Ableton Live 4.14, VST: Virsyn TERA, Korg Legacy Collection (Digital Edition), PPG Wave2.V.

The pictures show my second synth-setup (the last but one…)

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