Alternate Mode Featured Artist: Cory Flanigan

“I was frustrated. After almost 2 decades of playing in bands stretching from Peoria to Beverly Hills, music was still not rewarding me the way that I hoped it would when I first picked up the drum sticks at the age of 6. I yearned for more independence and control over my musical destiny.

I consulted with a friend of mine (a bandmate who had become consumed with manufacturing boutique analogue synthesizers) who suggested the Alternate Mode controllers and some synthesizers as a solution to my problem. After some fortunate gifts and horse-trading, I was able to work my way into a TrapKAT and a Korg RADIAS. My system grew as I spent months camped out in my friend’s electronic music studio, learning everything I could about the technology.

Now I can push into new venues with this hybrid drum kit, playing both acoustic drums and triggering synthesizers through the TrapKAT and the DrumKAT. I love the power and beauty of acoustic drums and cymbals and the new soundworlds possible with samples and synthesis. It only made sense to combine all of it and experience a new and different composing technique, exploiting the KAT technologies’ advanced MIDI control and idiosyncrasies to harness dedicated hardware and avoid the use of computers except in sound design in the studio.”

See the full spread @ Alternate Mode — Cory Flanigan Home Page — YouTube Performance

Just wanted to pipe in here and say that Cory is playing my old Radias, which I sold to Suit & Tie Guy a few years ago and who also modified it for Cory. I also think it’s fantastic that hardworking artists get the recognition they deserve! Well done Cory!

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