For those of you stuck in the 80’s, here’s a keytar offering that’s sure to please! This one certainly looks the part a bit more than the offerings as of late.

Here are the details, grabbed from a Dutch website, so please pardon the translation:

Alesis Vortex MIDI Keytar

A fantastic Keytar by Alesis called Vortex. These beautiful white combination of guitar and keyboard does its name and will, with the impressive specs for a dazzling performance! 37 weighted keys with aftertouch, velocity-sensitive pads, pitch and modulation control … You have never seen a mountain expression had around your neck. And we have not even the tilt effect of this controller include: pull the neck up and the volume swells, a filter is used or the tone goes up, down, get a vibrato, whatever you want! The sounds leave – via USB or MIDI – from your PC, Mac, iPhone or MIDI hardware produce. Endless possibilities!

Everything within easy reach
The wide range ergomisch buttons is placed. To Adjust the volume with your left thumb and use your other fingers of the nine buttons. These include a programmable MIDI strip, buttons to the Keytar an octave up or down, and a Sustain button to show freely to sound. On the body you can control include playback and recording, and select the tools and samples in your sequencer ready. All in all a very comprehensive and flexible tool with which the keyboard is finally a full-fledged soloist.

– Keytar (keyboard like a guitar is supported)
– Color: White
– works with virtually any Mac, PC and iOS software and MIDI-compatible hardware
– 37 touch sensitive keys
– aftertouch function (effect due to exert extra pressure After hitting key)
– USB port
– MIDI output
– MIDI programmable accelerometer (produces effects in tilt-neck)
– Left thumb control: volume slider, sustain button and pitch wheel
– left fingers control: sustain, octave settings, MIDI programmable touch strip
– 8 velocity sensitive drum-pads/sample-starters
– large buttons for instrument control and playback
– including USB cable and guitar strap
– fits virtually all guitar bands
– USB powered
– battery powered be connected to MIDI hardware and IOS devices

This product gives you 2 years warranty.

Suggestions and comments regarding this product:
– Note: When connecting to IOS devices is an Apple USB adapter, which is separate commercially available as part of the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

Grabbed from Bax-Shop