27-10-10 | Albino 3

While Albino 3 is no longer being developed, you can still purchase it directly from Linplug. While toying with the idea of selling my beloved Virus C (which I decided not to do) I had the opportunity to bump into Albino again. I have less time now than I did in the past to work on music; what with being a parent and all the writing I do. And with what little time I do have, I can stomach setting up and cabling no more.

So really I was in the market for a sort of Virus replacement in VSTi form. I’m kind of known for my phenomenal dislike of VSTis and while Albino is by no means a replacement for the Virus, there are quite a few good things about it that won my affection.

I had tried out Albino 1 & 2 and always came away disappointed. While there were a vast array of features in versions 1 & 2 that were continued in 3, along with some serious upgrades, the overall engine seemed to lack oomph to me. I always felt like no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t push the sound as hard as I wanted to. The filters also suffered from my biggest pet peeve: weak.

Albino 3 seems to have cleared this up and then some. The output is hot, too hot in some cases (not that I’m complaining!) and the filters are smooth across the entire spectrum. And that’s exactly what sold me on Albino, the smoothness. Now that the output problems have been fixed, I’ve heard the synth as it was meant to be without any extra compression to boost up the sound and I was quite pleased with what I heard. This is where most soft synths fail me. I can push synths pretty hard with arpeggiation, fast envelope settings and hard filter sweeps. Most, if not all soft synths give me ear fatigue rather quickly as their sound dissolves into harshness right at the mid range.

I’m glad to say that didn’t happen with Albino 3. It’s sound is smooth, warm in a very digital way and consistent. In the few hours I played with it last night, I wasn’t able to get that deep “from the depths of space” kind of sound I can get out of my Virus. And who knows, I may later with some experimentation, but I’m glad that I have finally found a VSTi that will fit the bill and keep me occupied when my creativity is high and my time is low.