“Although the Access Virus features one of the most knobby control surfaces amongst virtual analogue synths, there’s a lot of programming flexibility available which isn’t immediately obvious. We show you how to uncover the hidden possibilities…”

Sound On Sound has an excellent article online about programming the Virus to help you get the most out of it, which you can find here.

I had one myself, the C and I know the most common complaint was that it sounded too dark most of the time. An easy remedy for that is to learn to use the parallel filters to create unique filter combinations to really help sculpt the sound, which is one of the things mentioned in the article.

It’s also been a long standing production trick of mine to first create the sound using an LPF with the second filter turned off and then once the patch is completed, bring it back in with one of the higher pass filters to let some of the overtones and presence come though without muddying up the overall sound.

Via LiveFromKyoto in this thread @ Gearslutz.