This website has been online since 2009. It originally started off as a music tech blog, covering mainly synthesizers and other things related to electronic music production and while the website no longer serves its original function these days, I do keep it around as my digital home page or business card.

While this website may be young, in terms of the relative age of the internet, I’ve been involved with music production, synths and performing electronic music since the early 1990’s. And as such, you may have noticed that my website also has it’s own forum. Why you may ask? That’s a very good question.. way back before all of the new fangled websites and social media, with all their walled garden and culture specific appeal, most people pursued their interests in relatively open internet forums. They attracted a diverse crowd, with an equally diverse set of interests that tended to add flavor and uniqueness to the forum, in which they became thriving places of discourse, subculture and general tomfoolery.

I created my forum here as a backup to the larger forums (mainly Harmony Central KSS and Gearslutz, with Vintage Synth Explorer as an honorable mention), because from time to time, the forums would crash, get updated or change hands and user accounts would sometimes be deleted or lose data in the process. And we’re talking 20+ year old accounts here.. That’s a lot of time spent making friends, contributing and well.. just gone. Hence my forum here; if any of those places crashed, members still had a place to go so they could check in with each other (this was long before everyone had a Facebook). As the forums changed hands and sometimes became more corporate, the tone and feel also changed. They were no longer places to hang out, make friends and to really get to know people anymore. They instead became very heavily moderated and strictly on topic and any sorts of shenanigans were sternly frowned upon.

I admit, the forum here isn’t that busy or crowded, but it is a cozy reminder of a bygone era, frozen in time. You’re more than welcome to climb onboard and join the zoo with the rest of us synth and keyboard animals and you’ll have the distinct pleasure of also being in the current home of the Hai Guyz! thread, the longest running thread dedicated to hijinks and hilarity in the old wild keyboard west, that turned into a global phenomenon, thanks to me, Metrosonus and too much caffeine.

To be continued..