It’s merely my speculation here, but I think we’re going to see a cross between a Roland GAIA and Juno Di with the new XW-P1. A sample (ROMpler) based synth with up front controls for VA style programming and several playback tracks, possibly off of a USB stick and perhaps… even a step sequencer. Something similar to a Korg Microstation.

Given the discussion on the forums, the price point and similar products already on the market it’s safe to say that it most likely will be some combination of the above. That is unless Casio throws us a total curve ball! And that wouldn’t be totally unwelcome either :)

But the point here, is that similar to when the Venom was released, it’s anybodies guess as to what could happen. What would it sound like? Who knows since there’s hardly any lineage to base an assumption on. What does it do? Again, who knows! That’s half the fun in waiting to find out. The other half is that Casio could possible be back in the game. That’s just hugely awesome since it brings yet another perspective and way of doing things to the table that’s been dominated for far too long by the same people.

And for purely nostalgic reasons, I bet there’s many of us riding the edges of our seats wanting to hold something awesome in our hands that says Casio on the side again. For the 99% of us into synths since the 80’s, it wasn’t a Realistic Moog that we got our start on, it was someone’s hand me down or thrifted Casio. There’s something homegrown and a little back and to the left about Casio that’s strangely satisfying. They’ve been cute and quirky, utilitarian and clunky and have never been seen as the next big thing or a fashion statement until long after their heyday. But one thing is for sure, they’ve always been there one way or the other; in the back of Grandma’s closet or on the toy shelf at a thrift store they always seem to turn up over and over again.

I’ve had plenty of fond memories of using Casios and I really hope this is something special. And if it’s not, one day, one way or another it’ll work it’s way down to someone else who is just getting their start and things will come full circle once more.