Korg has posted on the front page of their website to stay tuned to their Livestream.com feed on Sept. 4th @ 2:30 PM EST, for a major announcement.

Oh what can it be? The community is all a buzz with a rumor over at the Korg forums that there may be a new Electribe release and some people think it may be bad news for the company since they are forgoing the typical count down shennagians and going right for a live broadcast in what actually may turn out to be an Apple style keynote release, as some are also speculating.

Korg asked a while back on Facebook what everyone’s dream Korg product would be and I made the suggestion of an Electribe based on the Triton, MicroX or some other rompler they could dump into a groove box with 16 MIDI channels. Korg has never had an adult Electribe before despite their success with their mostly rythm and synth based boxes and given that Roland’s MC series has more or less bit the dust, and given that this is from Korg, who in a lot of ways is the backbone behind the Live PA and techno acts, I think that this could be a big seller. Of course that’s just wishful thinking on my part..

But, despite the ominous overtones, I would like point out that more and more gear and software manufacturers are forgoing or trying to get the jump on the trade show circuits by doing their own hype and press releases. In the age of the internet, it makes sense. They want your eyes to be on them where they can control and protect their branding as opposed to having you look at or view photos and videos of their products through a third party. And yes, in one way it does defeat the news aggregation and that feeling of “exclusive, unexclusive access” you get with the roving reporters at the trade shows, but things do tend to change and I wouldn’t worry that is bad news about Korg.

But I guess regardless, we’ll have to wait and see and rest assured, I’ve marked it on my calendar to watch the feed and I’ll report ASAP what’s going down for those of you that can’t tune in.

** Update:

Buzz on the forums says that the new product (if that’s what’s being announced) is an arranger keyboard. Although I’m a bit skeptical that this is the only product they are announcing as the site the quoted below deals in mainly home keyboards, arrangers and digital pianos. So maybe they’re only concenred with what applies to them, even though the date on annoucenment of this arranger is the same for Korg’s “major announcement”.


Korg PA3x Cabinet version
Release date September 2012
News just in that there will be a home cabinet version of the Korg PA3x 61 keyboard available late September. With polished black stand sides, this instrument will grace any home. Due to have its world wide preview on Tuesday 4th September at the Keyboard Cavalcade festival.

via BigThing