The buttons on the monotribes have been painted white

two unit fit perfectly in a tiptop audio happy ending kit with z-ears
with just 4HP of space left over and are powered by
Nexxtech® 9VDC 300MA Adapters ($17 each )

i am still playing with panel lay outs



unit 1 is synced to the MFB seq 02
the 3 other units are slaved to unit 1

all 4 output are sent to a behringer mx400 line mixer
the output of this is sent to one chanel of
behringer rx 1202 FX (delay)

the patch is driven by Ableton live (clock only)
Kilpatrick Audio – K1600 (clock out)

(clock in)MFB Seq 02 step sequencer(clock out)

(clock in) snazzy fx ardcore (running LFSR_SEQUENCER sketch)

this is driving
WMD cv in 1v/oct
and wavetable select
all other parameters are sequenced
with the MFB seq02

WMD gamma wave source out 1 and out 2
are sent to
a behringer virtualizer pro (resonator patch)
and the sen to two chanels of
behringer rx 1202 FX (delay)

Via Matrixsynth