Photo Credits: Me!

The Korg Radias synthesizer was released in 2006, discontinued after a 4-year run, and seems to have polarized all its users. Some dismiss it as “digital crap”, others hail it as a “future classic”. Who is right? Are these people snobby analog purists? Is the other group Korg’s minions, paid to drum up favor for this little silver beast?

ROMpler or not? You be the judge! But first, Zach Archer leads the way with an in depth analysis on his blog.

I admit it, I’m not really a fan of the RADIAS. To me, it’s a very mid range instrument and to pay the price for it, when you can get the same sound, more or less, in a VST, I don’t see the point in it. I also found the front panel cramped and the knob layout illogical. However many people seem to dig it, so c’est la vie!

ROMpler or not though, I don’t care really, it’s the sound in the end that matters. What I do care about is a company marketing a synth as a VA and not coming clean about it’s internals (GAIA). However on the other hand, honesty has it’s value as I was most impressed with the enthusiasm coming from the M-Audio (Avid) / Venom team.

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