Eventide has released UltraReverb, a new plug-in featuring nine different reverb types, including one from the H8000 Ultra-Harmonizer.

Alongside the reverb section of the plug-in, UltraReverb features a pair of stereo delays (pre- and post-reverb), a compressor (also pre- and post-reverb), four three-band EQs and a modulation section. There’s also a Lo-Fi control that can be used to create bit crushed effects. The plug-in comes stocked with a library of over 300 presets created by a host of different producers and developers.

UltraReverb is available in for PC and Mac in AU, VST, or AAX64 formats. It’s currently available at an introductory price of $79, which will rise to $199 after 17 October. For more info head to the Eventide site.

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Plugin Boutique has announced VirtualCZ – a new plug-in, inspired by the classic Casio CZ phase distortion synthesizers of the 80s.

The synthesis engine of the original hardware is modeled in the plug-in, which can load and transmit CZ SYSEX patches. But the plug-in goes beyond the hardware to offer new sound possibilities and usability features. It’s easier to edit, since all the important synthesis parameters have their own control. It also includes things not found on the originals such as switchable envelope generators (ADSR or 8-Stage MSEG) and Unison modes.

Key Features

  • Recreates the unique synthesis engine of the CZ synths (it models the flagship CZ-1 but does all the other ones too!)
  • Works as a SYSEX editor/librarian for all CZ hardware as well as an emulation
  • 2 CZ Phase Distortion oscillators per voice (each has 8 wave shapes, which can be different for alternate cycles)
  • 6 loop-able envelope generators per voice (switchable between easy-to-use ADSR and powerful CZ-style 8-Stage MSEG modes)
  • Tempo sync-able LFO for vibrato, with 7 shapes
  • Ring Modulation and Noise Modulation
  • 32 voice polyphonic/mono/legato modes
  • Unison and detuning effects
  • Stereo panning effects
  • Microtonal tuning support
  • Vintage stereo chorus/ensemble effect
  • Randomization of parameters
  • Easy to use interface (all key synthesis functions accessible on the front panel)
  • Includes over 200 high quality presets plus ability to load thousands of CZ patches online
  • Presets come in multiple formats: fxp/aupreset/vstpreset/tfx
  • Import/export presets for all plugin formats
  • Optional cross-format preset browser
  • Available for Mac and PC in VST2, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in formats plus standalone app

VirtualCZ comes in VST2, VST3, Audiounit and AAX plug-in formats plus as a standalone app for Mac and PC. It will be available to purchase mid September 2014 from Plugin Boutique, with an introductory price of £59-95.

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